16 Part Time Jobs for International Students in UK 2024-2025

16 Part Time Jobs for International Students in UK 2024-2025

Do you want to work while you study in the UK? Are you already there and trying to find a part-time job? Part-time employment can be the solution you need. This article contains a list of 16 part time jobs for international students in UK 2024-2025.

Part-time jobs in the UK offer valuable work experience and some extra money for international students to meet their living expenses and study costs. These jobs also help students gain extra cash and exposure, corporate skills, and network with people.

In this article, you will find various part-time job opportunities that suit different skills and interests. From retail and hospitality to academia and charity work, there is a part-time job for you.

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  • Benefits of part-time Jobs as an International Student

  • How to find part-time Jobs in the UK

  • 16 part time jobs for international students in UK

  • Rules for part-time jobs for international students 

  • Conclusion 


Benefits of Part-time Jobs as an International Student

Here are 5 advantages of working part-time in the UK

  1. Make Money

Working part-time while studying can be an excellent way to improve your financial situation. Studying in the UK can be expensive, particularly for international students. Still, a part-time job can provide an immediate and practical solution to make extra money.

By working part-time, you can cover your basic needs like food, clothes, and tuition fees, as well as other costs associated with studying and living in the UK. Although a part-time job pays less than a full-time job, it can still help you fund a part of your studies and reduce the financial burden on you and your family, minimizing the need for student loans or heavy reliance on savings.


  1. Gain Work Experience 

Having work experience is essential in today's job market. Employers don't just look at your degree and grades; they also expect you to have practical experience. Work experience in the UK can make your resume more attractive to potential employers, demonstrating your strong work ethic and ability to balance academics and employment.

Even if the experience is unrelated to your field of study, it can still provide valuable skills that can set you apart in a competitive job market. Employers often appreciate candidates with practical experience, and having work experience can increase your chances of getting hired.


  1. Improve your English

Working part-time in the UK can be an excellent way to improve your English language skills. By using the local language in a professional setting, you can enhance your listening skills and become more familiar with different accents.

Over time, you will find yourself speaking with a more native-like accent and being able to hold conversations using local language and slang words. This practical approach to language learning can help you communicate more effectively, both in your personal life and in your future career.


  1. Build Valuable Skills

Part-time jobs are an excellent opportunity for students to develop valuable skills. These skills are not only beneficial during their studies but can also be vital for their future careers.

Through part-time jobs, students can learn how to manage their time effectively, communicate professionally, work effectively in teams, solve problems, and provide excellent customer service. These skills can help students become more confident and competent professionals in their chosen career paths.


  1. Build Networking Opportunities 

Part-time jobs can be a great way for students to build a professional network that can be beneficial for future career opportunities. By working part-time, students have the opportunity to interact with a diverse group of people, including colleagues, customers, and supervisors.

These interactions can lead to valuable networking opportunities that can help students secure internships, job referrals, and mentorship programs, all of which can be crucial for post-graduation career prospects. Building a professional network early on can give students an advantage in the job market and help them achieve their career goals.


How to find Part-time Jobs in the UK

Finding a job in the UK requires hard work and dedication, but there are many resources available to help you find the best opportunities.

Whether you're looking for flexible roles that cater to varying schedules or positions that offer valuable skills and experience, there are various ways to find jobs that can help you not only make ends meet but also set the stage for a successful future career.

By exploring different resources and networking with professionals in your field, you can increase your chances of finding the perfect job that meets your needs and aligns with your career goals.


  1. Search Online

There are several online job portals and websites that cater specifically to listing part-time job opportunities for students in the UK. Some popular websites include Indeed, TotalJobs, StudentJob, and Prospects.

You can search for jobs based on your location, preferences, and skills, making it easier to find a job that suits your needs. Additionally, these websites allow you to upload your CV and receive email notifications for relevant job postings, making the job search process more efficient. 

By utilizing these online resources, you can increase your chances of finding a part-time job that meets your requirements and aligns with your career goals.


  1. Visit Local businesses, or attend Job fairs for Job Openings

Visiting local businesses, restaurants, cafes, and retail stores in your area can be an effective way to inquire about part-time job openings. Many small businesses prefer hiring students for flexible, part-time positions, making it easier for you to find a job that fits your schedule.

Additionally, attending job fairs or career events organized by your university or within your community can provide excellent opportunities to network with potential employers and submit job applications in person.

These events allow you to meet recruiters face-to-face, ask questions about available positions, and learn more about the companies you're interested in working for. By taking advantage of these in-person opportunities, you can increase your chances of finding a part-time job that aligns with your goals and provides valuable work experience.


  1. Reach out to the University Career Team

Most UK universities have dedicated career services that provide support to students looking for part-time jobs, internships, and work placements. These services often maintain job boards and offer one-on-one guidance to students in need of employment. Checking your university's career center for job listings, workshops, and assistance with crafting your CV and cover letter can be a helpful way to find relevant job opportunities. 

It's essential to tailor your CV and cover letter for each application, highlighting your relevant skills and experiences. This approach can increase your chances of being noticed by potential employers. Besides, keeping an eye on university notice boards, social media groups, and local classified ads can also help you find part-time job opportunities. Networking with professors, peers, and other students can lead to valuable job referrals and recommendations as well.


16 Part-time Jobs in the UK for International Students 

International students in the UK can benefit greatly from part-time jobs that provide both income and valuable experience. 

With so many options to choose from, it's essential to find a job that suits your needs and abilities. To help you get started, here are some of the best part-time jobs in the UK for international students:


  1. Library Assistant

Working as a Library Assistant in the UK can be one of the highest paying part-time jobs in uk for international student. As a Library Assistant, your job responsibilities may include arranging books and other materials on shelves, assisting patrons with borrowing and returning books, managing fines and fees, and providing excellent customer service to library users.

Many libraries offer part-time positions with flexible schedules, making it easier to balance work and studies. Working in a university or local library can also provide a quiet, conducive environment for studying while on the job. This job can be an excellent opportunity for students interested in library services, customer service, and administration. It is a great uk international students part-time jobs.

Average Base Salary: £8 - £10 per hour


  1. Tutor

Tutoring is an excellent part time job in stirling for international students in the UK looking to earn some extra money while still having time for their studies. Students can either offer tutoring services online or look for local opportunities to teach students one-on-one or in small groups.

If you excel in a particular subject or language, offering tutoring services to fellow students or even residents can be a great way to earn money while helping others.

Tutoring is very well-paid international students part time jobs in uk, so even if you only work a few hours a week, you can still bring home a good amount of money. This job allows students to gain valuable skills and experience while supplementing their income. Tutoring can help students develop their communication and teaching skills, improve their subject matter expertise, and build their confidence. 

Average Base Salary: £25 per hour 


  1. Teaching Assistant

Working as a teaching assistant (TA) is a valuable and common part time job in london uk for international students, particularly for students pursuing careers in education or related fields. TAs get the opportunity to help with lectures, give feedback to students, and gain professional experience in their industry or field of study. 

TAs work closely with teachers to help students understand and engage with the curriculum. This may involve providing one-on-one assistance or working with small groups of students. Many TA positions are part-time and can often be adapted to fit your class schedule, making it easier to balance work and studies.

To find TA part time jobs in england for international students, you can check with your university's careers services, explore job listings at local schools, or connect with educational organizations. 

Average Base Salary: £11.25 per hour


  1. Retail Worker

Retail assistant jobs are among the most popular part-time jobs in the UK for international students. As a retail assistant, you would help customers find the items they need and provide advice and guidance on products. 

You would also process payments, stock shelves, and maintain the tidiness of the store. Most retail outlets have flexible schedules, with many open late at night and on weekends, making it easier for students to work around their studies. The job can be an excellent opportunity for students interested in customer service, sales, and retail management. 

Average Base Salary: £9 - £15 per hour


  1. Waiter

Working as a waiter or waitress is a common part-time job in the UK, especially for international students. As a waiter or waitress, your primary responsibility is to provide excellent customer service in a restaurant, café, or other dining establishment. 

This job can be an excellent opportunity to improve your customer service and communication skills. Many restaurants and cafes offer tips in addition to hourly wages, making this job a potentially lucrative option for students. 

Average Base Salary: £8 - £11 per hour


  1. Barista

Working as a barista can be a great part time jobs in newcastle upon tyne for international students in the UK who love coffee and early mornings. This job is a popular choice for students, particularly those who are looking for flexible work schedules and the opportunity to gain customer service and hospitality experience.

Additionally, you'll also learn how to make really great coffee. To find part-time jobs for international students in leicester, you can check job listings at local coffee shops, cafes, and chains or use online job search platforms like Indeed. Many coffee shops and cafes offer flexible working hours, making it easier for students to work around their studies. It is one of the best part time jobs for international students in uk.

Average Base Salary: £8 - £11.50 per hour


  1. Receptionist

If you enjoy meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds, working as a receptionist could be an ideal part-time job option for you. As a receptionist, you'll be the first point of contact for visitors and callers in various settings, such as hotels, offices, medical facilities, and other businesses.

Your primary responsibilities would include greeting visitors, answering phone calls, and providing general information about the place of business. You would also be responsible for managing appointments and scheduling meetings, making it a great opportunity to improve your organizational and multitasking skills. You can also get full time jobs in uk for international students as a receptionist.

Average Base Salary: £8 - £12 per hour


  1. Customer service representative 

Customer service representatives are essential for the UK economy, and they are often in demand by various service-based industries such as hospitality, retail, and more. It is a popular part-time job in scotland for international students.

Working as a customer service representative is a great part-time work in uk for international students, as it often requires flexible working hours and minimal experience. Companies like Amazon, Argos, and Boots offer competitive wages and the opportunity to learn valuable customer service skills. See part time jobs salary in scotland for international students below.

Average Base Salary: £11 per hour


  1. Dog Walker

Caring for pets is a rewarding part time jobs in bristol for international students and can be in demand in many areas. If you love spending time with dogs, dog walking might be the best part-time job for you. 

Walking a dog can also help you get your exercise in for the day. It's a great way to interact with a dog without having your own pet dog.  

Average Base Salary: £12.50 per hour 


  1. Care worker

Home care worker provides personal care and assistance to elderly or disabled people living in their own homes. For international students in the UK, this job offers the opportunity to gain valuable experience working with diverse populations while also earning some money. 

Home care workers can find employment opportunities in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and other health care institutes across the UK. It is a common part time jobs for international students in birmingham uk.

Average Base Salary: £9 - £13 per hour


  1. Fitness Instructor 

If you're passionate about fitness, consider becoming a part-time fitness instructor or personal trainer. You can work in the gym or online as a personal trainer. It is a popular part time job in london for international students.

Average Base Salary: £8 - £15 per hour


  1. Research Assistant

If you have a science background, assist in laboratory work or research projects within your university. It is a great part time jobs in uk for international students.

As research assistants, you gain hands-on experience in academic research projects. International students need to have skills and knowledge in the field of research. This is a flexible part-time job option with good pay. Here is the uk part time jobs salary for internationals students.

Average Base Salary: £10 - £15 per hour


  1. Prep Cook

Prep cooks have the responsibility of taking instructions from the head chef and preparing meals. They also have to maintain hygiene in the kitchen and ensure the smooth functioning of the kitchen. As a prep cook, you will learn to make a variety of dishes. 

You will work in cafes, restaurants, and catering companies. The salary for a prep cook depends on the restaurant you work in. You can check below for the average prep cook part time jobs in uk for international students salary.

Average Base Salary: £8 - £11 per hour 


  1. Freelance Writer

Students with writing skills can find freelance gigs online or work for local businesses.Your job involves writing articles, blog posts, website content, and marketing materials for clients in various industries.

As a freelance writer, you can choose when and where you work, making it easy to balance work with studying. It is one of the highest paying part time jobs in london for international students.

Average Base Salary: £10 - £15 per hour 


  1. Retail Worker 

As a retail worker, You can work in bookstores, pet stores, clothing stores, and electronic stores. You need to have sales and customer service skills. You may get commissions and discounts on store products. 

You will be required to stock shelves, keep the store neat, and interact with customers. International students can do this job during late nights and weekends too without affecting their studies. Check below for the retail worker part time job salary in london for international students.

Average Base Salary: £9 - £11 per hour


  1. Hair Stylist

Part-time hairstylists work in salons or as freelance stylists, providing a range of hair services to clients, like haircuts, blow-drying, highlights, and braiding. If you're passionate about hair styling, this role allows you to express your creativity. Part time salary for international students in uk working as hairstylists is between £8 - £20 per hour.

Average Base Salary: £8 - £20 per hour 


Rules for part-time jobs for international students 

Students must follow these rules and regulations while working in part-time jobs in the UK.

  • International students must have a valid Tier 4 (General) student visa that permits them to work part-time in the UK.

  • Students must be enrolled in a recognized UK educational institution as a full-time student. If a student is enrolled in a part-time course, they can't do a part-time job.

  • Students are allowed only to work during the permitted hours.

  • During college working days students can work part-time. During vacations, they are allowed to work full-time.

  • Students can work only for 10 hours a week if they are enrolled in foundation-level courses or language centers.



The UK is one of the top destinations for international students. There are part-time work for international students in uk, available across industries such as hospitality, retail, entertainment, and education. 

Each of these jobs offers unique benefits, and some may be more suitable for your skills and interests than others. By exploring these options and considering your needs and abilities, you can find the perfect part-time job that helps you achieve your goals.


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