35 Interview Questions and Answers for UK Student Visa 2024 (PDF)

35 Interview Questions and Answers for UK Student Visa 2024 (PDF)

Do you have dreams of studying in the UK? The first step to achieve your dreams is by acquiring a student visa. 

The visa interview is the final step before your visa is issued and it involves a one on one screening with an immigration officer.

If you would like to know the interview questions to prepare for, you've come to the right place. In this article, we have compiled 35 interview questions for UK student visa 2024 and a pdf file for you to download.


What is a Student Visa?

The Student visa is a legal immigration visa issued by the government that permits qualified international students to study in the UK.  

To apply for this visa, the student must be enrolled in an approved tertiary institution in the UK and also be able to financially support themselves throughout the duration of their study.

There are certain requirements you need to be eligible for the UK student visa. They include;

  • A valid passport

  • The Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies(CAS)

  • A valid Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) if required

  • Criminal record certificate.

  • Proof of sufficient funds to cover both your living expenses and course fees.

  • Proof of English Language proficiency.

  • Tuberculosis test results.

  • Proof of parental consent or other legal guardian(if you're under 18)

  • Proof of your relationship to your parent or legal guardian(if you're under 18).

  • A copy of your birth certificate (or another government-issued document) that shows the names of your parents(if you're under 18)

  • Any additional documents required during the application process, like a cover letter for student visa UK cost, etc.

  • To complete your application, you must provide written consent from your financial sponsor if they have supported your course fees and living expenses in the past 12 months.


When you have prepared all your supporting documents, apply through the UK government website. Once your application is confirmed, you will be given an interview date.


UK  Interview Questions and Answers for Study Visa PDF

We have provided a downloadable PDF for this article so that you can always have it. Download the pdf below.

Download: UK interview questions and answers for study visa pdf


35 Student Visa Interview Question and Answers

Preparing for your Student visa interview can be very stressful, especially if you're a first time applicant. 

To increase your chances of passing your embassy interview questions for uk, we advise that you practise credibility interview questions and answers for uk visa. 

Below, we have compiled common embassy interview questions and answers for student visa uk that you may be asked in your Student visa interview as well as helpful tips for a Successful interview.


  1. Why do you want to study in the UK?

This is a very common UK immigration questions and answer for students. Your interviewer wants to know exactly why you applied for a UK student visa.

Ensure you give an honest answer and also state the reasons why you wish to study in the UK. Your reply to this question is very important because the interviewer might use this question to decide if your intentions for moving to the UK are genuine.

Sample Answer:

The UK has a reputation for its internationally recognized universities that offer high quality education. 

I believe that getting my degree in the United Kingdom will give me the knowledge and skills I need for a successful career.


  1. Do you plan to work in the UK after graduation?

When you are asked this question, tell the interviewer concisely if you have plans of working in the UK or moving back to your home country immediately after you graduate.

Sample Answer:

No, I will be returning back to my home country after I graduate 


Since my course enables me to stay in the UK for 2 years, I will use that period to gain the work experience needed for a better job opportunity in my home country.


  1. How did you find out about the university you applied to?

When the interviewer asks this question in your interview for uk student visa+

, he/she wants to know how well you did your research about your University.

Sample Answer:

I did a thorough research online for the best schools that offer the course and curriculum that fit my career goals and the University came highly recommended.


  1. Which city is your University located in and what is it known for?

The interviewer wants to know if you have researched your University's location and how well you have prepared for moving to the Uk

Sample Answer:

My University is located in “insert city location” which is a student friendly town known for its vibrant community, diverse population and great food.


  1. Have you applied for any scholarships, loans or grants?

This is a common uk student visa interview questions and answers pdf, The interviewer wants to know if you have made efforts to secure any form of financial aid for your studies or living expenses.

Sample Answer:

Yes, I applied and received the GREAT Scholarships which provides partial funding for my tuition.


  1. Can you explain the gaps in your academic history?

When you are asked this question, provide context for the breaks in your academic history in your uk study visa embassy interview questions.

Sample Answer:

I took a one year break after my bachelor's degree to volunteer in my community.


  1. What do you hope to gain from studying in this university in the UK?

The interviewer wants to know your goals you plan to attain from your University in your uk study visa interview questions..

Sample Answer:

I hope to gain knowledge, skills and the international experience that will set me apart from others in the labor market.


  1. What are your academic goals while studying in the UK?

The interviewer wants to know your academic aspirations in the UK.

Sample Answer:

I hope to learn the fundamentals of business analysis and use the knowledge to further my degree on a professional level


  1. Why did you choose this university? 

This question assesses how well you know your school and your reason for selecting it from the hundreds of schools in the UK.

Sample Answer:

I chose this university because it has an excellent academic reputation and one of the best research facilities in the UK.


  1. How do you plan to contribute your experience in the UK to your home country after you graduate?

The interviewer wants to know if you have plans of contributing positively to your home country after you graduate.

Sample Answer:

Upon completing my degree, I plan to capitalize on the skills and knowledge gained in the UK to promote#


  1. Did you consider studying any other courses or consider studying at another university either in the UK or overseas?

The interviewer wants to know how you arrived at your decision to study the course at the University and in the UK and if you considered other options.

Sample Answer:

Yes I explored all the study options I came across during my research. I chose the course at the University because the curriculum and facilities offered closely matched my academic goals and interests. 

Also, I believe that by studying this course, I would gain the knowledge and practical experience I need to secure my dream job after graduation.


  1. Why did you choose this course/degree?

The interview wants to understand your personal or academic motivations for choosing the degree.

Sample Answer:

I aim to gain the knowledge and skills required to set me on the path for a successful career in the industry.


  1. Is the course you applied for relevant to your previous studies?

The interviewer wants to know the correlation between the course you applied for and your previous degree in your home country. Expect this country if you're applying for a second degree.

Sample Answer:

Yes, the course I applied for is revelant to my undergraduate degree. I have a bachelor's of Commerce which provided me with the background knowledge to apply for this master’s in business administration.


  1. Why are you taking this degree?

Tell the interviewer what motivated you to apply for the degree. Give a concise reply in one or two sentences.

Sample Answer:

This degree offers specialized course work that provides the skills I need to become a business analyst.


  1. What is the course structure of your course?

The interviewer wants to know if you adequately researched your course and how much you know about it.

Sample Answer:

The core content of my course include; artificial intelligence, mathematical modelling, data algorithms, numerical methods, calculus, and computer architecture.


  1. Why don’t you do this course in your country?

Tell the interviewer your reason for not studying the course in your home country. Remember to be as coherent as possible.

Sample Answer:

I have chosen to study this course in the UK so I can access the world class facilities and research laboratories that are not available in my home country.


  1. How long will studies last?

In one short sentence, tell the interviewer the duration of your study.

Sample Answer:

My degree is a one year course so I will be graduating on the 22nd of January 2025.


  1. Do you plan to work in the UK?

The interviewer wants to know if you understand the work restrictions that follow the international student visa.

Sample Answer:

I understand that my student visa permits me to work for 20 hours during school sessions and fill time during breaks or holidays. So, I will utilise my student work hours to earn extra money and gain work experience.


  1. What is the scope of your course?

Tell the interviewer what your course comprises.

Sample Answer:

My course comprises practical and theoretical knowledge in computer engineering.


  1. Where will you live in the UK?

The interviewer wants to know if you've made arrangements for your accommodation in the UK.

Sample Answer:

I plan to stay at a shared accommodation with other international students attending the university. 


  1. What will you do during the off-period or semester breaks?

This question gauges how you plan to spend your time outside school hours in the UK.

Mention productive activities you will be engaging in, like work, internships, volunteering, resting or travelling.

Sample Answer:

I intend to spend my off-school breaks working part-time to build my resume before graduating 


  1. How did you acquire the funds for your education?

The interviewer wants to know how you got the funds to finance your education.

Your response tells the interviewer how well you intend to sustain yourself in  the UK.

Sample Answer:

My father created an education fund for me to sponsor my masters degree in the UK.


  1. Have you applied for a UK visa before? Was it declined? If yes, why?

Answer this question honestly. The interviewer will know if you're lying so be clear and truthful.

Sample Answer:

No, I have never applied for a UK visa before. This is my first student visa application in the UK.


  1. How Will You Finance Your Studies In The UK?

Tell the interviewer how you plan to pay for your studies. Whether it's through a scholarship opportunity or a sponsor.

Sample Answer:

I was fortunate to receive a government funded scholarship from my home country to further my education in the UK.


  1. Where will you stay in the UK?

The interviewer wants to know your living arrangements in the UK and if you have made any preparations for accommodation when you arrive in the UK

Sample Answer:

I plan to live in the student accommodation provided by the university.


  1. Do you have any relatives in the UK?

The interviewer wants to know if you have relatives in the UK and the nature of your relationship with them

Sample Answer:

Yes I do, My elder sister lives in Liverpool with her husband. However, I will not be living with them. I plan to spend my time in the UK focusing on my academics and gaining valuable experience for my career.


  1. Did you receive any scholarships?

The interviewer simply wants to know if you received any scholarship to find your education.

The best way to reply to this question is with a simple yes or no answer, then mention the name of the scholarship and the benefits you received. 

Sample Answer:

Yes, I received the ‘insert scholarship name’, which covers my full tuition and a monthly allowance.


  1. Do you know anyone at your University?

If you know someone at your interviewer, tell the interviewer and the nature of your relationship with them.

Sample Answer:

No, I don't know anyone at my university.


  1. How do you plan to maintain a healthy work-life balance while studying in the UK?

Tell the interviewer how you plan to take care of your mental and physical well being while working and studying in the UK.

Sample Answer:

I plan to set time aside to engage in relaxing activities like yoga and also get enough rest and nutrition to keep my body in the best condition.


  1. Have you ever been deported from the UK or stayed in the UK after your visa has expired?

The interviewer aims to know if you complied with the UK immigration rules and regulations in your previous visa. He/She is trying to determine your trustworthiness and integrity.

It is essential to provide an honest answer to this question because the interviewer most likely has a record of your past visas.

Sample Answer:

No, I have never been deported from the UK, nor have I overstayed.


  1. What are your future career plans?

In short sentences, explain your career plans and how it aligns with your studies. 

By inquiring about your future career plans, the interviewer wants to know your long term goals and determine how ambitious you are.

Sample Answer:

I plan to use the knowledge I will gain from studying this degree to advance my career in technology.


  1. If parents are paying for study, what job do they do and how much do they earn a year?

Tell the interviewer your parents job and how much they earn per annum. Don't guess. Ensure you ask your parents important questions like this one before your interview.

Sample Answer:

My father is a software developer, his annual income is in the range of 25 million naira per year which is equivalent to £24,000.


  1. Are your parents in the UK?

The interviewer might ask this question to check if you have strong connections to your home country. 

Tell the interviewer where your parents currently reside. 

Sample Answer:

No, my parents live in “insert home country”.


  1. Do you plan on staying in the UK after graduation?

When you are asked this question, ensure you convince the interviewer of your plans to return to the UK after completing your studies.

Sample Answer:

After completing my studies in the UK, I plan to work for a while to gain real life skills and experience which I can leverage in the technological industry in my home country.


  1. How many relatives do you have in the UK?

If you don't have relatives in the UK, simply tell the interviewer that you do not have any relatives in the UK. 

However, if you do have relatives, Answer truthfully and ensure you have details about where they live in the UK because the interviewer may ask follow-up questions about your relatives.

Sample Answer:

No, I don't have any relatives in the UK.


5 Tips for a Successful Visa Interview 

Follow these 5 tips for a Successful UK Student visa interview 

  1. Be Honest

Tell the truth always, the interviewers are highly trained individuals who can easily detect a lie in your answers or documents. 

Plus your interviewer already has the answers to most of the questions. Do not hesitate to let the interviewer know if you're asked a question you don't understand or don't have the answer to.


  1. Dress Well

Your physical appearance is very important. Make sure you are dressed neatly and professionally. Avoid wearing jeans, sneakers, open toed shoes, revealing clothes as these are considered casual wears.


  1. Speak Fluently 

You are expected to communicate fluently in English. Practice your English skills before your interview. Speak clearly and remember to enunciate your words.


  1. Know your Program 

Be prepared to explain how the degree you applied for in the UK relates to your future career aspirations.


  1. Prove your ties to your Home Country 

You should be able to convince the visa officer of your plans to return to your home country after completing your degree.

The UK student visa interview is no easy feat. But if you practise these interview questions and answers, and provide honest and accurate answers to every question your interviewer asks, you can pass your interview and achieve your dreams of studying in the UK.


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