List of Nursing Salaries in UK 2024

List of Nursing Salaries in UK 2024

Are you an aspiring nurse in the UK? If your answer is yes, then this article on the list of nursing Salaries in uk 2024 should interest you.

Nursing is a very lucrative career in the United Kingdom. It offers a flexible and high-earning opportunity for individuals in the country. In the UK, nurses can either work for the NHS or a private sector like a hospital or care home. The average pay varies from sector to sector.

On average, an entry level registered nurse in the UK earns up to £35,000 per annum working in a private institution.

Nursing Salaries has been a hot topic in the UK for the longest time. A lot of aspiring nurses try to stay updated with the nursing salaries so they can negotiate a good pay for themselves.

The average wage for nurses have seen a steady increase over the years. In 2010, nurses earned between £15,000 - £18,000. In 2024, a 5% increase in salary was announced for UK nurses, in addition to their one-off payment by the government.

If you're a nursing student searching for a job in the UK, it is important that you understand the nursing salary ranges and banding. Nursing wages differ depending on educational qualifications and years of practice.

In this article, we'll cover the salaries of different nursing categories in the United Kingdom.

Read on for the list of Nurse Salaries 2024. 

But before we begin, let's look at the meaning of nursing bands.


What is the UK Nursing Banding System?

Nursing Bands refer to the level of pay assigned to nurses in regards to their educational qualifications and years of practice. Nurses salaries progress through bands. 

There are five recognized nursing bands in the UK, starting from Band 5 - to Band 9. The higher the band, the higher the salaries and bigger the benefits.

All entry level nurses in the UK start their careers at Band 5, including international nurses.

Band 6 nurses are a bit more specialized than Band 5 nurses and usually receive a higher pay. Band 6 nurses include Senior Nurses, Health Visitor and Specialist Nurses.

Band 7 nurses are nurses who have earned a Master's degree or it's equivalent from an accredited university. Band 7 nurses include Ward Managers, Advanced Nurse Practitioners.

Band 8 nurses are highly experienced and are usually the head of nursing teams in hospitals. They include Modern Matrons or Chief nurses.

Band 9 nurses are consultant level nurses with years of experience and qualifications to show. To become a band 9 or consultant nurse, you must have had a successful years long career of working as a nurse in the UK with adequate qualifications. 

So we've established that nurses in the UK can work in a private sector or with the NHS. In the table below, we'll show you the differences between working as a private nurse and an NHS nurse in the UK.


Difference between Private Nurses & NHS Nurses in Uk

Choosing where to work as a nurse in the UK may depend on several factors.

The NHS has a more fixed salary system which are usually predetermined by their band level. 

Private Sectors on the other hand offer salaries based on the individual's skillset, performance and so much more. 

To decide on the right organization to work as a nurse in the United Kingdom, check out the table below;

NHS Nurses

Private Nurses

NHS Nurses are entitled to 6 days of sick leave with pay

Private Nurses aren't entitled to paid sick leave

Your pay might not be negotiable 

You can negotiate your salary 

NHS offers training courses for professional development 

As a private nurse, you may work on your professional development on your own

Public Hospitals are usually understaffed causing a lot of NHS Nurses to be overworked

Private Sectors are usually adequately staffed and organized, giving nurses more flexibility and time 

NHS offers flexible working hours and up to 52 weeks of paid maternity leave for nurses  

Work hours and leave payments are determined by the hospital or institution 

Band 8-9 nurses are not entitled to overtime pay

You're more likely to get paid for overtime if you work in a private institution 


Nurse salary in uk per hour

In the UK, nurses salaries are paid per hour. The average registered nurse salary at entry level may range from £18.50 - £25.50 per hour.

A registered nurse working for the NHS may earn an hourly pay of £13 - £17.


Nurse salary in London per month

London is a central city in the United Kingdom and it is home to thousands of nurses from all over the world. Working as a nurse in London comes with a lot of financial and professional benefits.

As a registered nurse in London, you may earn between £2900 - £3300 per month or £18 - £25 per hour.


Minimum nurse salary in uk

The minimum salary for a registered entry level nurse in the UK is £2000 - £3000 per month or £18 - £23 per hour.


Dental nurse salary uk

Dental nurses work within the dental department of a medical and non medical institution. As a dental nurse in the UK, your job role involves assisting the dentist to provide dental care to patients.

In the UK, you need a dental nursing degree alongside adequate work experience to work as a qualified dental nurse.

The average salary of a dental nurse is £1900 - £2900 per month or £13 - £15 per hour.


Mental health nurse uk salary

Mental Health Nurses provide mental health services to patients in the UK. Their job may include providing specialized physiotherapy care, maintain medical records, and promote the overall well being of their patients.

The average base Salary of a mental health nurse in the UK is £2900 - £4900 per month, depending on experience. An experienced mental health RN may earn up to £35 per hour.


Travel Nurse uk salary

A Travel nurse is a registered nurse in the UK who works in different medical institutions for a short period. They only stay at one hospital temporarily before moving to another.

To qualify for a travel nurse role in the UK, you must be a registered nurse in your home country. You must also pass the three tests to become and RN in the UK.

A travel nurse's uk salary ranges between £3300 - £4000 per month or £19 - £25 per hour.


Care home Nurse Salary uk

Care home nurses are registered nurses who work in care homes, hospitals or a patient's home. 

They provide care for the elderly who have physical disabilities, mental health issues or are just too old to care for themselves.

Their responsibilities include washing and dressing sores, administering medications, checking vital signs, providing support for patients and more.

An entry level care home nurse may earn £18 per hour or £2900 per month.


Nursing assistant salary in uk

Nursing assistants or nursing aides are nurses who do not have a nursing degree but hold a diploma or certificate in nursing. 

Nursing assistant's responsibilities include helping sick or recovering patients with their daily activities, administering medications and so much more.

The average salary base for a nursing assistant in the UK is between £12.96 - £15.30 per hour or £1750 - £2200 per month.


A&E nurse salary uk

An A&E nurse is a nurse that works in the Accident & Emergency care unit of a hospital. They are highly trained professionals who provide immediate care to injured patients and patients with acute illnesses. 

In the UK, an A&E nurses earn around £24.50 - £35 per hour or £4000 - £4500 per month.


Advanced clinical practitioner salary uk

An Advanced Clinical Practitioner(ACP) are healthcare practitioners from different professional backgrounds such as pharmacy, nursing, occupational therapy etc.

These professionals are usually well educated and highly skilled. They might even have a masters level degree and expertise across a range of healthcare settings. 

In the UK, an Advanced Clinical Practitioner earns £4100 per month or £24 per hour.


Aesthetic nurse salary uk

Aesthetic nurses uk are highly trained professionals that offer aesthetic services to patients in a clinical institution.

These registered nurses have the skills to provide various non surgical cosmetic procedures such as botox, dermal fillers, and chemical peels. 

The aesthetic nurse salary uk is estimated to be £5000 per month or £30 per hour.


Associate nurse salary uk

Associate nurses or nursing associates provide clinical support for patients under four fields of nursing, including adult, children's, mental health, and learning disability. 

They work with a team of registered nurses and support workers to provide patients centred care for sick people of all ages.

An associate nurse's salary in the UK is around £12.88 per hour or £2100 per month.


Average midwife salary uk

Midwives are healthcare professionals trained to provide special care for pregnant women throughout their pregnancy and childbirth. They take care of the mother, the baby and family. 

To work as a midwife in the UK, you'll need a degree in midwifery. If you're already a registered nurse, you'll only need a short course to qualify as a midwife.

Midwives are estimated to earn up to £3500 per month or £23 per hour.


Intensive care nurse salary uk

Intensive Care Nurses(ICU) work in the intensive care unit and care for the critically ill or unstable patients. Their responsibilities are typically more challenging because they mostly provide lifesaving care to patients with life-threatening illnesses like cancer. 

In the UK, ICU nurses earn £31 - £34 per hour or £2300 per month.


Band 2 nurse salary uk

Band 2 nurses are healthcare assistants who may or may not have experience in nursing care. Their roles include helping patients wash, changing bed pans, and taking care of patients of all ages.

They usually work as domestic support worker, nurse trainee, domestic team leader, security officer and healthcare assistant.

A band 2 nurse earns between £1700 - £1900 per month or £10 - £12 per hour.


Band 3 nurse salary uk

Band 3 nurses are nurses trained to provide immediate care and attention to injured or sick patients. These nurses work with the ambulance services and are responsible for keeping the ambulance clean and controlling bleeding.

Their job roles include emergency care assistant, clinical coding officer, estates officer and occupational therapy worker.

Band 3 nurses may earn between £1900 - £2100 per month or £11 - £15 per hour.


Band 4 nurse salary in uk

Band 4 nurses provide support to the surgical or medical team.

Their job roles include assistant practitioner, audio visual technician, pharmacy technician, dental nurse and theatre support worker.

Band 4 nurses earn between £2100 - £2300 per month or £12.90 per month.


Band 5 nurse salary in uk

Band 5 nurses are newly qualified clinical professionals with a degree in nursing. They may work as operating department practitioners (ODP), learning disability nurses and practice managers.

Band 5 nurses earn between £2300 - £2800 per month or £14.57 - £15.30 per hour.


Band 6 nurse salary in uk

Band 6 nurses have similar roles as Band 5 nurses but with more experience, skills and qualifications.

Job roles for band 6 nurses include Senior Nurses, Paramedics, Health Visitor, Clinical Psychology trainee and Specialist Nurses.

Band 6 nurses may earn between £2900 - £3100 per month or £17 - £19 per hour.


Band 7 nurse salary in uk

Band 7 nurses are nurses who have earned a Master's degree or its equivalent from an accredited university. 

Job roles include Ward Managers, High Intensity Therapists, Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Language Therapists.

Band 7 nurses earn between £3700 - £4000 per month or £22 - £26 per hour.


Band 8 nurse salary uk

Band 8 nurses are highly experienced and are usually the head of nursing teams in hospitals. They include Modern Matrons, Consultant prosthetist/orthodontist or Chief nurses.

Band 8 nurses earn between £4750 - £7000 per month or £29 - £40 per hour.


Band 9 nurse salary uk

Band 9 nurses are consultant level nurses with years of experience and qualifications to show.

As a band 9 nurse, you may earn between £8000 - £10,000 per month or £51.23 - £60 per hour.


London nurse salary per month

As a registered nurse working in London, you'll earn up to £3500 per month.


Tips to earn money as a nurse in the UK

Here are a few tips to earn money as a nurse in the UK;

  1. Take extra shifts during your free time to earn a bigger salary on payday.

  2. Earn your Master's degree. The best thing you can do for nursing your career is to invest in higher qualifications. The more qualified you are in the UK, the higher your salary.

  3. Don't be scared to specialize. 

  4. Work in different medical sectors. Do not limit yourself to only one sector in a hospital. 

  5. Take online courses to boost your CV.


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