How To Get Scholarship In The UK

How To Get Scholarship In The UK

Do you want to make your dreams of studying in the UK a reality? Read our article on How To Get Scholarship In The UK for a step-by-step guide on how to begin this process.

Studying in the United Kingdom is one of the best investments you can make for your future. A UK degree is valuable and can take your career and life to the next level. It is recognized globally, accepted by employers world wide, and certainly increases your employability.

While attending a university in the UK is expensive, it is not impossible. There are a lot of scholarship opportunities available to international students which you can take advantage of.

These funding opportunities range from part-funding that pay half of your tuition fees, to full scholarships that cover the cost of your program, living expenses and even return flights to the United Kingdom.

In this article we'll be discussing a lot of processes that'll help you land a scholarship faster, incuding how to get full scholarship in uk for international students and how to apply for these opportunities.

We'll also be listing out some types of UK scholarships for international students at different educational levels and from various countries, with their application processes and links. You can take note of the ones you want and check them out later.


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How To Get Scholarships In UK For International Students

Studying in the UK is a transformative opportunity, but quality education comes with at a high cost. And because earning a degree in this country is expensive, certain universities and organizations offer several scholarships in uk for international students which you can use to fund your studies. 

There is a process to finding suitable scholarships and being accepted for one, which is why in  this section we listed out some steps on how to get scholarship to study in uk. 

If you’ve ever wondered How do you get a scholarship uk? See the steps on how to get a scholarship for university in uk below:


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1. Find Suitable Scholarships 

When searching for scholarships in uk for international students, some common ones you'll find are postgraduate studies that fund Master's degrees of one or two years. Then are also opportunities that offer fully funded awards. 

The least popular type of fundings you'll find are scholarships for undergraduate students which often come as a partial fee waiver. 

Depending on your educational level and financial need, you can opt for any of these scholarship types or keep searching for something specifically tailored to you.


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2. Visit Scholarship Websites

A great place to get scholarships in uk for international students would be to visit websites like UK Scholarships

We have a carefully selected list of scholarships for studying in the United Kingdom as an international student. Our scholarships are based on different cities in the UK and categories.


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3. Check Universities' Fees And Funding Section

The Fees and Funding section on your preferred university's website is a great place to find scholarships. Most institutions recommend available scholarships for your programme.


4. Search For Scholarships Specific To You

One way to increase your chances of getting funding to study in the UK is to search solely for scholarships that are specific to you. 

This would mean going for opportunities that match your subject area, level of study, and nationality. 

Once you have a list of scholarships that suit you, start by applying to the ones you have the highest chances of winning. Also tailor your application to match each individual scholarship.

Note, scholarships in the uk for international students can be fully funded (cover your tuition fees and living costs) or partially funded (cover any of these two costs). Both funding opportunities are competitive. 

Depending on which one you opt for, your application will be assessed based on academic achievement (merit), socio-economic situation (social or financial profile), and sometimes your home country.


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How To Apply For Sholarships In The UK

There's a lot of preparation that goes into how to apply for international scholarship in uk, doing these things won't guarantee that you'll be selected (that decision falls solely on the organizers), but it increases your chances of being awarded the scholarship. 

In this section we discuss all the essential steps you should take before hitting 'apply' or 'send' on any UK scholarship for international students.

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1. Research

When you come across a scholarship, the first thing you'd want to do is reasearch what it is is offering. 

You may not find all the information you need in one place, but using our website UK Scholarships, certainly places you one step closer to getting only the right scholarships for you.

Another thing you can do is to check the GOV.UK website or websites of the universities you're applying to, to get more information on the various scholarships available to international students. 


2. Find Out The Eligiblity Criteria

Find the eligiblity criteria of the scholarship you're interested in to ensure you meet the candidate the organizers are looking for. Eligibility criteria are often the same across scholarships and bursaries, but some of them differ.

Read and understand everything detail, ask questions if you can and only apply to opportunities you are eligible for. This will improve your chances of being considered and stop you from setting yourself up for failure.

You may put together a good application, but if you don't meet the organizers' criteria, you will not be selected and your application will not be read.


3. Consider Deadlines

Ensure that you stay on top of all the deadlines for the scholarship you're applying to. This involves knowing the dates for the funding, eligible courses, submissions, and visas.

Stay ahead and get all the timelines in one location so that you hit all the dates on your application process.

If your application will require you to gather materials from outside sources like transcripts, reference letters, and certificates, get to gathering those things weeks before your application, so that you can submit everything at once.

Punctuality gives you enough time to go through your application and correct any missteps before the submission date.


4. Get The Requirements

Every scholarship in the uk has different requirements expected from applicants, go through each one meticuloulsy and don't miss presenting any of them.

Certain scholarship organizers, may request that you submit supporting documents for processing your application like academic transcripts, financial records, cover letter or an interview.

Submit every document in the required format, if they need certified copies then that's what you should give to them. 

Furthermore, if you need clarification on the application process of a scholarship, you can ask a recipient of the same award or reach out to the organizers for more information.


5. Present Reference Letters

Some scholarships request for reference letters to be submitted with your application. This part of your preparation shouldn't be overlooked especially since it will take you far in the contest.

Be careful when choosing a refree especially since this person will attest to the skills and qualities that put you forward as the best candidate to receive the scholarship. Pick someone who won't hold back in supporting you.

Similarly, communicate the deadline of the application to you refree and tell them which skills you want focused on so that they can write you a good reference letter. 

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6. Double-Check Your Documents

When applying for a scholarship it is always better to be safe than sorry, so ensure that everything you have is vital to your application. None of your document should have a grammatical error or include false information.

Double-check everything yourself or get a trusted individual to look at them with a fresh set of eyes.

Checking everything is good so that you don't appear unprofessional or disorganized infront of the selection committee. Remember you can't recall anything once it's been submitted.


7. Submit Your Application

Once you have covered all the basics and are sure you've gotten all the materials you need, you can then submit your application. 

Keep in mind, that a scholarship application takes time to submit and get back an answer, so you must be patient.


Types Of Scholarship In UK For International Students

The UK government, universities, and several other organizations host different scholarship programmes you can use to finance your studies in the United Kingdom.

We sample some of these scholarships below:

1. Commonwealth Scholarship

The Commonwealth Scholarships is a UK government scholarship for foreign students from Commonwealth countries who need external funding to complete a Master's or PhD programme in the UK. 

Students who get this award are those with excellent academic record and talented scholars with a proven potential for changing the world, particulary in their home countries. 

There are 3 main types of Commonwealth Scholarships:

  • Commonwealth Master's Scholarships.

  • Commonwealth PhD Scholarships.

  • Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships.

Eligiblity Criteria For Commonwealth Scholarship

You can apply if you're a citizen of a developing Commonwealth country seeking funding for a:

  • Masters.

  • PhD.

  • Split-site PhD.

Students from from a developed Commonwealth country can apply for funding for PhD or split-site PhD.

How To Apply For Commonwealth Scholarship In UK

1. Complete an application with the CSC's online application system, plus any other application requested by the nomination agency. The CSC won't accept any applications not sent through the online application system.

2. Include supporting documents to your application for it to be eligible.

3. Add the following documents to your application:

  • Proof that you are a citizen or have refugee status in an eligible Commonwealth country: a copy of valid passport (or national ID card) with photograph, date of birth, and country of citizenship.

  • Academic transcripts of higher education qualifications, up to date transcripts for courses being studied, with certified translations if not written in English.

  • Two reference letters given on institutional letterhead or email that shows the sender's details.

Note: This process is how to apply uk scholarship for Commonwealth Master's Scholarships. You can learn about other Commonwealth scholarships on the organization's official website.

Learn more about the Commonwealth Scholarship.


2. Chevening Scholarship

Chevening Scholarship is a fully funded Uk government scholarship for international students. It is awarded for masters studies in any subject.

The Chevening Scholarship caters to tuition fees, monthly living allowance, an economy class return plane ticket to the UK, and provides additonal grants and allowance for other expenditure.

Eligibility Criteria For Chevening Scholarship

You're eligible for Chevening Scholarship if:

  • You have an undergraduate degree.

  • Possess up to 2 years work experience.

  • You meet the English language requirements for Chevening.

Chevening Scholarship Costs

The Chevening Scholarship provides funding for the following expenses:

  • Tuition fees.

  • Cost of one visa application.

  • Travel costs to and from the UK.

  • Travel grant to attend Chevening events in the United Kingdom.

  • Arrival allowance.

  • Homeward depature allowance.

How To Apply For British Chevening Scholarship

Follow these steps on how to apply for british chevening scholarship:

  • Choose your home country from the provided list, then select Chevening Scholarship.

  • Create an account.

  • Provide your information on your profile, save data, validate your profile, start the application.

  • Complete the quiz to prove you are eligible to recieve the Scholarship.

  • Fill in the required data on the application and submit these documents:

  • Academic documents.

  • Proof of English language qualification.

  • Conditional offer letters for chosen courses of study (submit 3).

  • Unconditional offer letters for proposed courses of study (3). 

  • Two references (you will upload this when you are invited for an interview).

  • Passport / ID.

  • Submit your application.

Learn more about the British Chevening Scholarship.


3. GREAT Scholarships

GREAT Scholarships is a £10,000 award given to fund your tuition fee for a one year Master's programme in the United Kingdom. It is awarded through a collaboration between the British Government and its partner universities.

For instructions on how to apply for masters scholarship in uk, you can visit the British Council website. There, you should check if your country are among the 14 which are eligible to receive the GREAT Scholarships.

Eligibility Criteria For GREAT Scholarships

  • Choose a one year Master's programme in the United Kingdom.

  • Be a citizen of any of the 14 eligible countries to recieve the GREAT Scholarships.

How To Apply For GREAT Scholarships

1. Visit the University page specific to your country for more information and follow the link to the University's website.

2. Start your application for individual scholarships based on the instructions laid out on each universities' scholarship webpages.

3. Each institution has a varying deadline to apply for GREAT Scholarship. Go to the instutition page to see its deadline for the scholarship.

4. Successful applicants will be notified by individual universities on the verdict of their applications.

5. Scholarship funding will be disbursed to successful scholarship by their individual universites after they register.

Learn more about the GREAT Scholarships.


4. Marshall Scholarships

The Marshall Scholarships is awarded to students who wish to study at any British University in any programme at a graduate level. You can use it to fund Master's and doctoral courses at any university in the UK.

For information on how to apply for phd funding uk via Marshall Scholarships, who is eligible, and which type of courses qualify for funding, you can visit the organization's official website.

Eligiblity Criteria For Marshall Scholarships

If you are a student from the USA, you can apply for a Marshall Scholarship to fund your masters of PhD if these apply:

  • You graduated from a 4-year undergraduate course in the USA in the last 3 years.

  • You have a GPA of 3.7 or higer in your degree.

  • You have not studied for a UK degree before.

How To Apply For Marshall Scholarships

1. Fill out the application form and submit it through the system to your undergraduate institution, the institution ensures that your appication is complete and chooses to endorse it or not.

2. If your alma mater endorses the application, they'll include an endorsement letter and submit it through the system to the proper regional committee.

3. Contact your institution as soon as you can if you're considering the Marshall Scholarship.

Learn more about the Marshall Scholarships.


5. Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships

The Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships empowers Indians in the early to mid stages of their careers to spend time in the United Kingdom achieving their academic and professional ambitions and expanding their international contacts. 

This funding is open to doctoral students, research students, and visitng fellows from India. For information on how to get scholarship in uk for indian students, you can visit the Charles Wallace India Trust official website.

Eligiblity Criteria For Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships 

  • Be an Indian citizen living in India.

  • Be aged 25-45 years.

  • Haven't received a CWIT grant in the last 5 years.

How To Apply For Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships 

Find information on how to apply for the Charles Wallace India Trust long term grant and short term grant


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6. Saltire Scholarships

Saltire Scholarships are awarded to Masters students from Canada, China (Hong Kong too), India, Japan, Pakistan, and USA. 

These students must be studying in any of the following areas - science, technology, healthcare and medical sciences, renewable and clean energy, and creative industries.

You can opt for Saltire Scholarships as an Asian student, simply go to the Glasgow Caldeonian University, Abertay University or Heriot-Watt University for how to apply for scholarship in uk from india. 

Eligibility Criteria For Saltire Scholarship

  • Be a first-time applicant for the Saltire Scholarship.

  • A citizen of Canada, China (Hong Kong too), India, Japan, Pakistan, and USA. 

  • Apply to a postgraduate degree at a Scottish University.

  • Enroll to study programmes in science, technology, healthcare and medical sciences, renewable and clean energy, and creative industries.

  • Get a conditional or non-conditional offer letter from any Scottish university.

  • Provide finances to cover payment of remaining tuition fees and cost of living in Scotland.

  • Give reasons for wanting to study in Scotland and the benefits your chosen course will afford you.

  • Demonstrate leadership qualities that will help you effectively apply the course of study for positively transforming career and community.

How To Apply For Saltire Scholarships

1. Complete the online scholarship application.

2. Submit three 250 words essay on the topics:

  • Your reason for choosing to study in Scotland, the specific university and program for study.

  • How Saltire Scholarships can help you in the future and how you will promote Scotland for higher education.

  • Describe the skills and experiences you have in written and presentation communication and working with others.

Learn more about the Saltire Scholarships.


7. Gates Cambridge Scholarships

Gates Cambridge Scholarships is a fully funded scholarship awarded to international students. It funds masters and PhD studies.

The award for this scholarship is a £17,500 stipend paid per year, health insurance, academic development funding of £2,000 and a £10,120 family allowance.

You can visit the organization's official website to learn how to apply for phd scholarship in uk via Gates Cambridge Scholarships.

Eligibility Criteria for Gates Cambridge Scholarships 

To qualify for Gates Cambridge Scholarship, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be fluent in English language.

  • Have great academic record.

  • Give a strong reason for wanting to study a postgraduate degree programme at Cambridge.

  • Show committment to improving lives.

  • Demonstrate leadership abilities.

  • Be a citizen of a country outside the United Kingdom.

How To Apply For Gates Cambridge Scholarships

1. Apply to a course and place at a university, and the Gates Cambridge funding.

2. Create an application account.

3. Give your details.

4. Present the following documents:

  • Gates Cambridge Statement of 3000 characters (approximately 500 words) explaining why you're applying for the scholarship and how you meet the main criteria.

  • CV/Resume.

  • Research proposal (for PhD applicants).

  • Two academic references for course admission, plus a reference affirming your fit to the scholarship.

  • Answer the application questions.

  • Submit your application.

Learn more about the Gates Cambridge Scholarships.


8. Imperial College London PhD Scholarships

The Imperial College London PhD Scholarships is hosted by the Department of Chemical Engineering at this school. It awards  fully-funded scholarships to PhD applicants starting school in 2024.

Ten of those scholarships are for all applicants no matter their fee status, while the remaining five is for Home students. 

This scholarship funds tuition fees, a tax-free contribution and maintenance costs of between £19,668-£22,900 per year for 42 months. You can check out how to apply for scholarship in london on the school's website.

Eligibility Criteria For Imperial College London PhD Scholarships

  • Open to students of all countries.

  • Applicants must gain admission to study Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London.

How To Apply For Imperial College London PhD Scholarships

1. Submit your PhD application for admission via the online admissions system to be considered for the Chemical Engineering PhD Scholarships. 

2. The Program title is 'Chemical Engineering Research - Full Time'.

3. The application form must be submitted with:

  • Full academic transcripts of your university studies to date.

  • Personal statement to back your application, which outlines research interest and experience.

  • A copy of your English Language certificate if needed. 

  • Contact details of two referees. One must be an academic referee like a project supervisor or personal tutor. 

  • You will provide the email addresses of the referees, and they'll be contacted directly by the university.

  • References are kept confidential between the refree and the College. Note, the email address provided must be personal instutional addresses (university or company e-mail addresses) not webmail addresses, these are not accepted.

Learn more about the Imperial College London PhD Scholarships.


9. University Of Bristol Think Big

The University of Bristol Think Big scholarship is for international students. It is given to students pursuing undergraduate and masters studies and awards up to £20,000 which can be used for the cost of tuition fees.

If you are looking for how to apply for scholarship in uk universities, you might want to try the Think Big Scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria For University of Bristol Think Big

  • Open to students from all countries in the world.

  • Applicants should be classified as overseas student for tuition fees.

  • Applied to a full-time undergraduate degree in any of the qualifying courses or one-year or full-time postgraduate program at the University of Bristol.

  • Not awarded with any other funding which is more than the full cost of tuition fees including the Bristol scholarship.

How To Apply For University of Bristol Think Big

  1. Apply to the University of Bristol via UCAS as you'll need a scholarship ID.

  2. Fill and submit an application for the Think Big Scholarship.

Learn more about the University of Bristol Think Big scholarship.


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10. Undergraduate Global Excellence Scholarships

The Undergraduate Global Excellence Scholarships was established to assist students who want to develop their academic potential and actively contribute to the University of Exeter's community of students and staff from more than 140 countries.

For how to apply for scholarship to study in uk, you can check out the Global Excellence Scholarships on Exeter.

Eligibility Criteria For Undergraduate Global Excellence Scholarships 

Students can apply to the Global Excellence Scholarships if:

  • You are classified as an International student for tuition fees purposes (this includes an EU students asked to pay International fees in 2024).

  • You already have an offer for an eligible Undergraduate degree at the University of Exeter.

How To Apply For Undergraduate Global Excellence Scholarships 

1. Once you have an offer from Exeter, apply using the provided webform to be considered for the scholarship.

2. Submit a personal statement of not more than 300 words along with the form, answering these questions:

  1. What is your interest in your chosen programme of study and what are you hoping to learn?

  2. What are your future ambitions and how will your studies help you to achieve them?

  3. What would being awarded a Global Excellence Scholarship mean to you – what difference would it make?

  4. As a Global Excellence Scholar, how might you act as an ambassador for the University?

Learn more about the Undergraduate Global Excellence Scholarships.


11. Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies Scholarships

the Ofxord Centre for Islamic Studies Scholarships are fully funded awards given to international students. These scholarships are only for masters students. It covers 100% of the tuiiton fee and grant for living costs £15,285.

For how to apply for fully funded scholarship in uk, check out the Islamic Studies Scholarships.

Eligiblity Criteria For Oxford Centre For Islamic Studies Scholarships

1. Resident in the UK and from a Muslim community (applicants from finacially disadvantaged household are given preference). 

2. A national or resident in any of the following Asian or African countries:

Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Albania, Indonesia, Palestine, Algeria, Iran, Qatar, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan, Senegal, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Sierra Leone, Benin Kuwait, Somalia, Brunei Darussalam, Kyrgyzstan, Sudan, Burkina Faso, Lebanon, Suriname, Cameroon, Libya, Syrian Arab Republic, Chad, Malaysia, Tajikistan, Comoros, Maldives, Togo, Côte d’Ivoire, Mali, Tunisia, Djibouti, Mauritania, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Turkmenistan, Gabon, Mozambique, Uganda, Gambia, Niger, United Arab Emirates, Guinea, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Guyana, Oman, Yemen.

3. You should applying to begin a full-time master's or DPhil course at Oxford.

4. You must intend to go back to your home country after the course is completed.

5. Scholarships are given based on academic merit.

6. plan to undertake a study in a field from or relevant to the Islamic tradition, which is relevant to or benefits the Muslim world.

7. Candidates applying for postgraduate certificate or postgraduate diploma courses, part-time courses or non-matriculated courses can't benefit from this scholarship.

8. Applicants who have deferred offers to start in 2024 will not be selected for this scholarship.

How To Apply For Oxford Centre For Islamic Studies Scholarships

1. Sumbit your application for a graduate program at Oxford by the January deadline and choose your preferred course.

2. Click on 'apply' full time, create a new account, and submit the necessary documents.

3. Upload the OCIS Supporting Statement here.

Learn more about the Oxford Centre For Islamic Studies Scholarships


12. International Pathways Scholarships

The International Pathways Scholarships by Coventry University is for the high quality foundation, international year one and pre-masters courses for foreign students who don't meet the requirements for direct entry to their preferred undergraduate or postgraduate course to Coventry.

Coventry University supports applicants to achieve the academic and/or English grades you need and help them acquire the professional skills to study at university.

This scholarship encourages ambitious foreigners who wish to study at Coventry with extra funding worth £3,000 to cover the cost of tuition fees, living expenses, and accomodation.

Eligibility Criteria For International Pathways Scholarships 

To qualify for the International Pathways Scholarships, meet the following criteria:

  • Be self-funded and paying the international tuition fees.

  • Have a conditional offfer on any of the study routes for the International Pathways Programme. 

  • Make a £4,000  deposit payment for your firsy year tuition fees on or beforre the deadline date.

How To Apply For Scholarship In Coventry University

Here's how to apply for scholarship in coventry university:

  1. This scholarships is available once you sucessfully complete the enrolment process for the International Pathways Programme.

  2. Applicants will be automatically considered if they have a conditional offer, so, there is no need to fill a separate application form.

Learn more about the International Pathway Scholarships.


Frequently Asked Questions About Scholarships In UK For International Students 

There are certain frequently asked questions about scholarships in uk for international students which you may have,  we have answered them in this section:

1. How much cgpa is required for scholarship in uk?

CGPA requirements to study in the UK vary based on the university. While most require a minimum of 3.5 on a scale of 4 others request 9 on a scale of 10.


2. How can i apply for scholarship in uk?

To apply for a scholarship in uk you first have to visit the official website of the hosts, find out the eligibility criteria, gather the required documents and start your application.


3. How much percentage is required for scholarship in uk?

The average percentage required for scholarship in uk is 70%. This can be higher depending on the university or organization funding the award.


4. How do i get a scholarship uk?

To get a scholarship uk, research the scholarships that are specifically tailored to you, this way you increase your chances of being selected by the funding comittee.


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